6/03/2012 Super Zero/Super Stinger Genetics Update

Over the past years as we bred the zero and stinger trait we have come to the conclusion that these morphs are a definite recessive. The original patternless and the Super zero / super stinger is allelic with each other.

The Super zero / Super stinger is a separate line of recessive patternless from the original patternless that has another pattern changing gene close to the main recessive allele that is passed on when the Super zero or super stinger is bred to a normal or other morph. This pattern changing gene close to the main recessive allele can give some of the heterozygous and possible heterozygous offspring connecting bands on the back. The crossing of zeros or stingers to normals will also yield visibly different patterned offspring but may not be actual hets for the super form. This lead to the confusion that these morphs were acting Co-Dom since the other trait at work will give hets and non hets stinger or zero patterns. It is possible to produce all normal looking offspring with a super zero or super stinger and the heterozygous babies when bred together will produce super zeros / super stingers and possibly zeros or stingers possible het for super zero or super stinger. We have come to the conclusion as well that some stingers and zeros that were from het X het super zero or stinger breedings may not be heterozygous for super zero or super stinger even though they display the connecting back pattern. With some pattern / color hereditary traits there are other genetics aside from the main mutation at work that can alter anything. With some morphs there can be a pattern mutating allele inseparable from the main mutation allele seen in some recessive pattern mutations such as the Super zero. Even though the super zero and super stinger are compatible with patternless their ability to produce unique patterned offspring and the difference phenotypically between the homozygous morphs still makes them their own individual morph and they are not the same as a patternless. The future for these traits is very promising as seen when zeros and stingers are bred into hidden genes and the obvious differences between Super zeros / Super stingers and patternless alone. The zero and stinger name will remain the same, the homozygous forms will still be referred to as supers since they have been labeled this way for years.